Liver Health Check


Liver cancer is a growing concern in the UK, with a significant increase in cases over the past decade. Around 6,100 people are diagnosed with liver cancer each year, and this number is expected to continue rising. The most common form of liver cancer is hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), accounting for 85% of all liver cancer cases. Unfortunately, only a fraction of liver cancers are diagnosed at an early stage (Stage 1 or 2).

To address this issue and contribute to the goal of diagnosing 75% of cancers at an early stage by 2028, Early Diagnosis Programmes (Liver) have launched an Liver Health Check initiative. This aims to detect more cases of HCC at an early stage. We are doing this through improving the detection of liver disease among individuals who have risk factors for liver disease. We want to ensure they receive timely treatment.

Why should you get a liver health check?

Liver cancer often doesn’t show symptoms in its early stages. When symptoms do appear, they are often non-specific and can be easily missed. These symptoms may include weight loss, jaundice, itching, nausea, abdominal swelling, loss of appetite, abdominal pain, a lump in the right side of the abdomen, or shoulder pain.

How can you get involved?

We are contacting you because you have been identified to be at risk of liver disease. Please reply “Yes” to the original text message to opt in to for a Liver Health Check. We will then invite you for a blood test to check the health of your liver. We use the results from the blood test to complete a FIB-4 score, this tells us whether you are at risk of developing liver fibrosis. If your score is normal you will not need further tests, if your score is raised we will contact you to invite you for a Liver Fibroscan to further assess your liver.


Liver cancer is a growing concern, but together we can make a difference. Participate in the Liver Health Check and take the first step toward early detection and a healthier future. Your health matters, and your participation can save lives.

Your participation matters

Protect Your Health
Early detection of liver problems can lead to timely treatment, increasing your chances of a full recovery.

Contribute to Research
Your participation helps us understand the effectiveness of case finding in preventing liver cancer.

Support the NHS Long Term Plan
In line with the NHS Long Term Plan, aiming to diagnose 75% of cancers at an early stage, we are working towards a healthier future for everyone.

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