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Enhanced Health and Care Homes

In Winchester there are 16 registered care homes. The new Primary Care Network contract released in 2019/20 sets a vision to improve healthcare support and communication between Care Homes and NHS providers. Prior to the PCN contract the 3 Winchester GP practices had patients at each of the homes. This caused confusion for staff, patients and families along with inefficient ways of working due to visiting duplication, mixed processes. In September 2019 the 3 Winchester City practices worked together to evenly divide the care homes between them with the view of improving communication, single processes, time efficiencies, 1-2-1 training, etc which all result in better, more appropriate care for the patients. Patients residing in a Care Home are encouraged to reregister with the GP provider of that home but ultimately it remains patient choice.


  • Dower House
  • Otterbourne House
  • Sunrise of Winchester
  • St Catherines View
  • Westholme

St Clements

  • Brendon Care Park Road
  • Cambria House
  • Kirtling House
  • St Cross Grange
  • Westacre

St Pauls

  • Abbotts Barton
  • Bereweeke Court
  • Brendon Care Meadway
  • Flowerdown
  • Tegfield House

Investment and evolution: A five-year framework for GP contract reform to implement

The GP Contract states that there will be seven national service specifications, one of these is Enhanced Health in Care Homes specification, the new GP contract will support this

  • The Care Home requirements contained within the GP contract apply in full from FY 20/21
  • The contract required enhanced support from General Practice for care homes. 
  • Enhanced Primary Care support coupled with the awaited Care Home specification will reduced ambulance conveyances, over-medication, and improved the quality of care for residents
  • Care Homes will be supported by a consistent team of multi-disciplinary HCPs delivering proactive & reactive care, led by named GPs & nurse practitioners, organised within the Primary Care Network. 
  • Care Home residents will also get regular clinical pharmacist-led medicine reviews.
  • PCNs will work with emergency services to provide emergency support, inc. advice/support if needed out-of-hours
  • Includes effective care planning including for residents nearing the end of their lives.
  • NHS England will enable Care Homes to communicate securely with PCNs using NHS mail & other digital
  • Every Care Home in England will benefit from comprehensive service, provided free by the NHS, delivered by PCNs under the new GP contract. In return, NHS England will work with Care Homes to maximise the contribution they can also make to improving the health and wellbeing of their residents.

The Framework for Enhanced Health in Care Homes (pdf)

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